6. GWB

Gallery Weekend Budapest, the contemporary art festival, was organized for the sixth time on 7-8. March 2020. by the Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries.

Participating galleries in 2020

acb Gallery, Deak Erika Gallery, Glassyard Gallery, Horizont Gallery, INDA Gallery, Kisterem Gallery, Knoll Gallery Budapest, MyMuseum, Molnár Ani Gallery, TOBE Gallery, Varfok Gallery, VILTIN Gallery, Vintage Gallery

GWB Partners

Gallery Weekend Budapest is supported by the B. Braun Hungary, the KPMG, the Wallis Motor Pest, the Societe Budapest and the WELL PR
Mediapartners: Elle, Hamu és Gyémánt, Műtárgy.com, Octogon, Papageno, Funzine, Humen magazin