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vip program

Our VIP program is a unique opportunity for international collectors, art professionals, curators and art lovers to get a deep insight into the sparkling art scene of Budapest.

The program package offers, among others, exclusive guided tours to the most prominent art galleries of Budapest: Art+Text Budapest, Chimera-Project Gallery, Deák Erika Galéria, Glassyard Gallery, Horizont Galéria, INDA Galéria, ISBN könyv+galéria, Knoll Galéria, MissionArt Galéria, Molnár Ani Galéria, TOBE Gallery, Trafó Galéria, Várfok Galéria, and VILTIN Galéria. We organize meetings and studio visits with the young rising stars of the Hungarian art scene as well as with established mid-generation artists

Tour through generations, periods, schools and styles: computer art, new figurativity, conceptualism, new abstraction, photography, social engagement, performance art, late modernism, new mysticism, etc.


The older generation is represented by the world-known pioneer of the computer art, Waliczky Tamás and the evergreen master of philosophical painting, Tamás Soós.


Master mind of the Hungarian figurative painting, Attila Szűcs is also part of the program, the same as the experimental photographer and bookmaker Ágnes Eperjesi, and the shelter studio of the grotesque sculptor Barna Péli.


The brand new generation are represented by emerging Hungarian millennials, Gábor Koós and Ákos Ezer, along with many young talents from the Eastern-European region, including Anezka Grodzinska (POL), Genti Korini (ALB), or Petra Feriancova (SLO).


As part of the program the VIP group visits museums: guided tour trough the Neo-Avante-garde art of the 60s, 70s in National Hungarian Gallery and the exhibition of the famous Hungarian private collector, László Gerő at the near-by artistic town Szentendre.

To be informed about the details and the registration, please send a message to Gábor Rieder, art director of GWB:

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