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Visit the best contemporary galleries of Budapest and discover the Hungarian contemporary art scene in one afternoon. This is a unique opportunity for art lovers to get an insight into the sparkling art life of one of the cultural capitals of the Eastern European region. You may choose from 5 different gallery tours, each tour visiting 2-3 galleries and lasting cca. 2 hours.  The guided tour itself in each gallery takes about 20-30 minutes.

All the tours and programs are free of charge. If you are interested and would like to attend the GWB’s Gallery tour in English, please register on this page.

The guided tours are accompanied by our volunteers and start at 2 pm on Sunday (20th of June).


Please note: to start a tour we need at least 5 registered persons, and the maximum number of attendees  is 10 persons.

For this year the program is organized in accordance with the current pandemic regulations, with the utmost security. The visitors do not need a certification or plastic card, wearing the mask inside the galleries are compulsory.

A) tour: Várfok Gallery and Várfok Project Room – [4/6-os street car] – MissionArt Galllery – Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts Gallery

MEETING POINT: VARFOK GALLERY, Várfok str. 11, 1012 Budapest,

Duration 19 min /approx.. 7 min walk and 12 min. by tram no. 4/6

B) tour: Einspach Fine Art & Photography – [70/78 trolley bus] – acb Gallery

MEETING POINT: Einspach Fine Art & Photography, Aulich str. 7, 1054 Budapest,

distance between the galleries: 2,8 km; 11 min by trolley bus and 5 min. walk.

C) tour: Deák Erika Gallery – Knoll Gallery Budapest – VILTIN Gallery

MEETING POINT: Deák Erika Gallery, Mozsár str.1,1066 Budapest,

walking distance between the galleries: 0,9 km; and 11 min.

D) tour: Glassyard Gallery – INDA Gallery – MyMuseum

MEETING POINT: Glassyard Gallery, Paulay Ede str 25-27 (1st floor), 1061 Budapest 

walking distance between the galleries: 800 m, 10 min

E) tour: Kisterem  – TOBE Gallery – Molnar Ani Gallery

MEETING POINT: KISTEREM GALLERY, Képíró str. 5, 1053 Budapest.

walking distance between the galleries: 1,2 km, 15 min.

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