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Many kinds of motivation lie behind our aspirations to broaden the knowledge accumulated by humankind. Either out of coercion or led by sheer curiosity, from time to time we attempt to reveal the hidden, the secret, the unseen. This attitude, which at the same time refers to a fundamental openness, forms an inherent aspect of being occupied with art––both the creation and the enjoyment of it. Whether we are dealing with alternative versions of stories from our past, imaginary realities, and futures, or concealed dimensions of our personality, driven by the desire for discovery we turn towards the unknown every time, ready to take it in. Just as for a viewer discovering a new artist, viewing an artwork, visiting an exhibition means getting to know a previously unknown segment of our world, for artists, every piece is a discovery in a similar way. The artworks presented at this exhibition focus on this very attitude, one that is central and essential in art. They formulate questions emphatically; they propose hypotheses, an important stage in the research process; and convey theories of the unknown.

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