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Thank you for your great evidence and participation in this year's festival!

Gallery Weekend Budapest kicked off the autumn season of contemporary art on the second weekend of September. 


The key idea behind this year's programme is connection - to art, to the people around us and to ourselves - because contemporary art often says what we cannot even say ourselves. Let's connect and not be afraid to wonder, to ponder, to express our opinions and to ask questions if we have to, because contemporary art - whether we like it or not - has an impact on us! Especially this weekend.

Gallery Weekend Budapest 2023 is designed to help you connect with contemporary art by demonstrating the power of connection through art. This time we visited galleries such as acb, Deák Erika, Einspach Fine Art & Photography, INDA, Kisterem, Knoll Budapest, Molnár Ani, TOBE, Várfok, VILTIN and Vintage in different locations around the city.


The galleries welcome contemporary art enthusiasts and anyone interested in contemporary art free of charge all year round.


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